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Subs closed.

We are sad to say that we have decided to put ongoing on hiatus. We started this project during the pandemic and life is slowly getting back to normal, and with it, our own personal creative lives.

Thank you so much to all our contributors and to everyone who enjoyed ongoing. We hope to see you again soon!

General guidelines:

We ask that you do not spend more than a day or two on your piece. Of course, we cannot and would not dream of timing you, but the goal is to not be too precious about our work, to embrace whatever comes, to get it out and then away. 


Given that pieces submitted should be created in response to our prompt, we ask for first publishing rights. However, once your piece is up on the site, you can of course submit it elsewhere, we just ask that you credit as being the first place to give it a home. If for some reason you no longer want your work on the site, you are free to ask us to take it down at any time. If you have any questions, please ask!

Please submit your work to together with a short (maximum 100 words), third-person bio for the site. Please also include your twitter / instagram / soundcloud if you want us to share it. You may also include a photo (crediting the photographer if applicable). Musical works will be shared on our soundcloud under an "All Rights Reserved" license. If you want us to change this to "Creative Commons", please let us know.

We reply to all submissions so please check your junkmail folder in case our response finds its way there.

Ongoing is by definition a work in progress. Ongoing process, ongoing learning, ongoing inspiration, ongoing discussion. In this endeavour, we welcome and encourage submissions from all those interested, from all backgrounds and walks of life. Quite simply, if you are inspired by a prompt, please send us your response because we’d really love to hear from you!


Individual instructions for written and musical pieces are as follows:

Rules for submitting text:


  • Written works should be between 50 - 1000 words. 

  • Please do not use any difficult formatting as we might not be able to honour it properly. 

  • We accept prose in any genre, however, it should be inspired by the musical prompt that comes before it.

  • Please email us a standard file format (ex: doc, odt). Please do not paste your work into the body of an email. Be sure to use a readable font!

  • We are currently only accepting works written in English.

  • We will only post original works. The work you send us must be written by you. 

  • We won’t accept anything that is racist, misogynistic, abusive etc… You know the drill, don’t be a jerk.

  • We are open to anyone around the world, any level of experience, published or not.

Rules for submitting music|sound:

  • Musical / sound works should be about 5 minutes. If you are moved to record something much longer, please send us your favourite or most representative 5 minutes.

  • We accept all genres, however, it should be inspired by the written prompt that comes before it. So please don’t send us something you already recorded. 

  • Don’t set the prompt text to music. Be inspired by it.

  • This is not a songwriting competition (we know, we know, we said all genres - this is the exception). But please feel free to use your voice in interesting ways!

  • We will only post original works. The work you send us must be composed / improvised / performed by you. Don’t copy or use other people’s works in your response. First, it’s not nice. Second, we want to hear what YOU come up with.

  • We welcome music submitted by individuals or groups. Make sure you list the names of all composers / performers involved, as well as what instruments or objects they are playing.

  • We are open to anyone around the world, any level of experience.

  • Please send us your music as a WAV file via WeTransfer to You must include your surname in the title of your WAV file. Tell us the title of the file in your email with your bio so we can match them correctly.

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